Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Kerry Washington and O.P.I...

They made beautiful babies... 

So, when I heard of my favourite show, actor and product coming together to create something... I had to try it.

Kerry Washington, star of Scandal (fave show) and O.P.I have collabed to create some powerful and scandalous colours. 

They officially hit shops (and the internet) on Thursday and immediately ordered from Beauty Bay. 

You can try three or four of them for £8.50 or £11.50... not too bad for good quality nail varnishes. Individual (15ml) bottles cost £9.50 each, so not exactly cheap. 

I decided to pick up quite a few and I'm slowly making my way through them, but for now, I'll reveal the colours I chose.

4 set- £11.50

This has some really lovely colours for you to try! I especially love the yellow, as I think it is pretty daring. Though, that blue is to die for. 

We The Female. 

We The Female- 
You're hereby authorised to wear this empowering garnet. 

This is a beautiful deep red colour which screams sophistication. I love how it isn't too dark but still has the deep edge to it... that probably didn't make sense. 

Washington seems to be wearing the same colour on the packaging, so I guess we can all pretend we're as stylish as she is. 

A perfect colour for Autumn and winter, but still could be rocked in Summer. 

Pale to the Chief

Pale to the Chief-
So nearly nude, it's almost scandalous.

I love how the description gives  a nod to the show Kerry stars in.

I love how this colour is 'almost' nude, but not quite there. It has a lovely glint to it.

I see it as an almost sort of pearl colour with a light brown back to it.

CIA= Colour is Awesome 

CIA= Colour is Awesome
A smart, dusky blue for secret agent fashionistas. 

I normally don't wear blue colours on my nails but I love this blue.

I think it has that feel of sophistication but also a fun nail colour to rock whenever you want.

I will probably buy this in a full bottle if I love it!

Never a Dulles Moment 

Never a Dulles Moment- 
A curry yellow seen on airport and fashion week runways.

This is a beautiful colour and so perfect for Summer. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen I received a liquid lipstick in this colour.

This kind of yellow is certainly bold but I think anyone can wear this colour. It screams bright and bold, which is perfect.

3 Set- £8.50 

Inside the ISABELLEtway 
Inside the ISABELLEtway- 
Washington's movers-and-shakers vie for this caramel crème. 

A lovely brown colour with a caramel shine to it. I've tried this on my toenails and think it is fab.

It goes onto the nail well and only need one coat to create a good colour, but I obviously applied two. 

Not too thick and leaves a lovely feel on the nails when they are dry.

For anyone who worries this will wash them out, it really won't. 

Kerry Blossom 
5/5 (tried it and love it). 

Kerry Blossom- 
Accomplished stateswomen love this plum with capital flair. 

This is a beautiful colour for Autumn. Not quite the usual purple colour you see, but a lovely deep and warm colour. 

I'm not someone to wear pink or purple colours on my nails, but this one will definitely be something I'm excited to try!

I think it is a lovely colour. 

"Liv" in the Gray 

 "Liv" in the Gray
This edgy, sophisticated dark gray makes a strong federal case. 

I swear this also nods to Scandal, with the main character being named Olivia. However, I would love it whatever they called it. 

I love grey colours and this is beautiful. I had one like this from Barry M, so I'm really excited to try this. 

Individual Bottles (15ml) - £9.50 

Stay Off the Lawn! 

Stay Off the Lawn!
Don't trespass on this deep, lush green. 

What more can I say? This is a stunning colour which I am currently (as I type this) wearing on my nails. 

It was quite thick to apply, but maybe that is because I applied the colour whilst sat in the sun.

Nonetheless, I love this green so much! 

Freedom of Peach. 

Freedom of Peach- 
Wearing this creamy peach is your fashion right. 

I am a real lover of peachy nail colours. I think they can be worn whenever and make perfect nudes colours if you don't want to wear a total nude polish. 

This colour is so beautiful and I am a fan of how bold it is. Some peach colours can be a bit bland and boring, but not this. 

Thanks so much for reading!

I will review these products soon when I've worn them all. 

See you soon- Rachel <3 

Monday, 8 August 2016

NYX Reviews!

Lipstick, eyeliner, and lipliner. 

You may remember a little haul I had a week ago and I decided to try them all out.

Most of the products I love for the price, but I think one needs working on.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick £6.50 

I was really excited to try these as I usually buy Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, but these looked pretty cool.. and cheaper. I can see why Jeffree Star is still my preferred liquid lipstick.

LSCL 10 Amethyst- 

In my haul post, I really raved about this colour. I said how much I loved the way it looked and how different it seems. Though, from the pictures you can probably see that it leaves much to be desired. It seems kind of bitty and sticky to me... it left sort of clumps on my lips.  It didn't really give any good coverage, as you can see, and I just don't really like it.

Maybe you have to work to get it how you want it to look on your lips. Though, I'd expect it to be easier to apply... but maybe this is the kind of product you get for this price. 

Rating- 3/5  (trying to like it, it is a lovely colour) 

LSCL 11 Kitten Heels-  

 I really really like this. I was looking for that sort of bright red lipstick which wasn't too dark... and I found it. As you can see, it provides excellent covered, slides on easily and looks pretty good on your lips. It felt amazing when I was wearing it, but I'd advise you line your lips before with this... it can get kind of messy.

I don't understand how these liquid suedes can be so far apart but this one is one of my new favourite red lipsticks. It is pretty perfect!

Rating 5/5 (absolutely adore this!)

Intense Butter Gloss £5.50 - Toasted Marshmallow 

This is the best of the lip products I bought. I love it so so so much.

It is so moisturising but beautiful at the same time. I received a few compliment when wearing this for the first time.

When I applied it I thought 'Oh wow, I look like Maleficent'. Though, I grew comfortable wearing it... plus, I realised that you might as well wear whatever you want to wear...

Additionally, it isn't too sticky and sits wonderfully on the lips. It doesn't wear off too easily.

One of the BEST lipglosses I have ever worn...

Ditch the lipstick suede and buy the cheaper intense butter gloss!

100/5 (LOVE IT)

Slide On Lip Pencil £5.50- Summer Tease 

 This goes on so easily and is ridiculously easy to apply. I love the crayon kind of feel it has.. rather than that 'sharp' pencil look.

It is a gorgeous colour and it blends well with lipsticks etc I put with it.

I still believe this may not be an everyday colour but I think it is perfect for summer!

5/5 (it is a great lip pencil)

Slide on Pencil £5.00- Golden Olive

1st Swatch. 
1st Swatch. 
All I can say is that this eyeliner is amazing to wear. It provides a soft colour to wear when you don't want dark eyes... but want eyeliner to shape your eyes. 

How I wore it. 
How I wore it. 
Again, it is pretty soft and you don't need much to create a lovely line on your eyes. I only swept it along my lid once and it left a brilliant pop of colour. I also received a compliment about how it was green and gold, which made it pretty unique.

I used it the other day to create a beautiful eye look. I added browns and soft colours, with the eyeliner as the star of the show.
5/5 (perfect!)

Studio Perfect Primer £10.00- Green 

This is a strange primer... 

Before I shook it up, I tried a bit and some oil leaked out of it. I then realise how oily it could be. 

You only need a tiny tiny bit on your face, or you will look like you've thrown a deep fat fryer on there. 

I'm still wondering about this, but first impressions aren't exactly promising.
It reminds me of guacamole... maybe a bad thing?

2/5 (not a fan... yet) 

Thanks for reading! Have a great week, Rachel <3